Skin Clinic

Our Skin Clinic services blend the strict standards of a medical environment with the nurturing ambiance of a spa, using clinical strength skin products from Ultraceuticals, Alumier, and Osmosis and medical aesthetic devices including Viora IPL Treatment and LED Therapy. All our facial treatments are tailored by our skin experts at your visit to address your individual skin needs and concerns on the day. Below is a guide of some of our facials we offer however, rest assured our skin experts will guide you on the day to ensure optimum results from your treatment.

New Client Consultation Up to 30mins | €20

Redeemable off next facial booked. A quick cleanse and thorough examination of the skin followed by a treatment and homecare plan to start you on the path to glowing skin. Virtual Skin Consultation also available on request.

Back Facial 50mins | €60

This treatment cleanses those tough to reach spots targeting a variety of concerns such as back acne, clogged pores and dehydrated skin.

Teen Cleansing Facial 30mins |€40

(For 12-16year old only). A deep cleanse facial including extractions and finishing hydration and SPF. Suitable for young congested skins.


AlumierMD Prescription Peel 50mins | €100

AlumierMD is a true professionally-dispensed medical-grade skincare brand dedicated to the latest
advancements in Clean Science, and delivering therapeutic outcomes for patients presenting an array of
skin conditions and concerns.

AlumierMD Prescription Peel with Neck Decolleté & Eye Treatment 80mins | €160

This treatment includes the ALumierMD prescriotion peel as above, with some added etras.
The neck and décolleté areas are not given as much care and attention as they deserve.
AlumierMD’s Luxurious Neck and Décolleté treatment starts with a resurfacing peel, which enhances
skin renewal and boosts absorption of brightening, antiaging and antioxidant ingredients. It finishes
with a firming cream specifically designed for the neck and décolleté area and a moisture mask for
optimal hydration.
Our Eye Rescue Treatment is also included for the ultimate skin treatment.

AlumierMD Targeted Express Treatment 30mins | €65

This treatment is ideal for treating a specific skin concern in an express results driven treatment. The
ideal lunch time treat! It can be tailored to treat a range of concerns, such as anti-aging, radiance,
congestion or deep moisturising. A customised peel will be incorporated by your therapist to give
optimal results.

Add on service: Eye Rescue Treatment
Add €15
Eye Rescue Pads are soothing and cooling gel pads to rejuvenate the eye area. This add on is a must for
anyone that is looking to improve the appearance of the delicate eye area. You will be treated to a
pressure point massage to improve circulation and clarity leaving your eyes looking brighter and


Bespoke Ultraceuticals Peel: 

Hydrate & Firm: Lactic acid increases support in the skin creating plumpness and instant dewiness. KEY CONCERNS: dry, dehydrated, lack lustre

Matify & Clear: Mandelic acid targets excess oil and cell build up to provide skin clarity and deep cleanse. KEY CONCERNS: problematic, breakout skin

45 mins €99
A deep cleansing treatment incorporating lactic or mandelic acid for a deep exfoliation. A cock-tailed serum will address secondary skin concerns, targeting dehydration, congestion, ageing and lackluster skin. Includes an Ultra Mask with facial massage, potent antioxidants and finishing products. This treatment is customised in house to suit
your skins needs

Radiance & Glow: Bespoke Ultraceuticals Peel with Booster

60 mins €125
This customised Peel treatment includes a lactic or mandelic peel cock-tailed with a serum to address secondary concerns followed by Ultraceuticals Brightening Accelerator Mask to enhance skin luminosity, plump fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin tone and texture. The Ultra mask is used with facial massage to improve circulation and lymph drainage.

KEY CONCERNS: dull, blotchy, uneven skin tone

Simplicité’s Signature Skin Experience

75 mins €199
The ultimate results driven facial combining our bespoke Ultraceutical/Alumier peel with Mesotherapy. This facial is for clients looking for optimum results. Skin is exfoliated and rejuvenated with our peel of choice followed by mesotherapy for collagen stimulation. Suitable for all skin types, especially clients concerned with ageing and scarring.

Osmosis: The RevitaPen Infusion Facial

65 mins €125

The ‘no needle alternative to needling’ creates nano channels within the skin to break down the fluid that binds the cells allowing deeper penetration of our active Vitamin A (1%,2%, 2.5%). This no acid peel increases cellular turnover leaving the skin smooth, plump and youthful. Suitable for all skin types but can only be carried out on skins
acclimatised to vitamin A.

Osmosis Simplicité’s Prescription Facial with RevitaPen

65 mins €110
This facial is customised to the skins needs. Including a deep cleanse, exfoliation and extractions (if needed), our RevitaPen is used to create nano channels for product penetration to ensure deeper delivery of what your skin needs. Our powder blends and serums allow us to customise all of facials to what our clients skins need.

Osmosis Introduction Facial

50 mins €80
An introduction to our brand. A prescribed facial will be carried out to suit your skins needs. Including cleanse,  exfoliation, extractions, mask and hydration. Suitable for all skin types but specifically clients looking for a deep cleanse and a gentle introduction to Osmosis.

Skin Needling (Microneedling)

90 mins €200

Course of 3 €550 (includes post treatment care)
Best performed as a course for optimum results. Patch test is essential for topical anaesthetic at least
48hrs prior to treatment.
Micro needles are used to create a controlled injury within the dermis to stimulate growth factors and collagen. Working
at a dermal level this will have permanent anti-ageing and skin renewal benefits. Recommended for scar tissue, acne scarring, pigmentation and ageing.


Single Treatment €150
Course of 3 €399
Similar to microneedling but works in the epidermal level resulting in less downtime. Smaller needles are
used to stimulate hydration, smoothing of fine lines and overall plumping to achieve that envious glow. Suitable for all skins specifically dull, dehydrated, aged skins.

IPL Skin Rejuventation

IPL Skin Rejuvenation Consultation 30 mins | Complimentary

30 mins | €200 per session
Course of 4 | €640

IPL is a very popular skin correction treatment that helps those who have imperfect skin due to over exposure to
the sun. Intense Pulsed Light [IPL] treats and corrects a wide range of facial concerns safely and effectively, such
as broken capillaries, freckles, age spots and uneven skin texture.

We offer a complimentary consultation to all clients considering this treatment. This takes 30 minutes and
includes a patch test (if suitable) . We request that no false tan (2 weeks) or retinols / AHAs (5 days) be used on
the area you are considering treating in advance so we can carry out a patch test.

Advanced Aesthetics Skin Package

6 Sessions | €995

This package is ideal for anyone looking for a customized, bespoke skincare package, tailored to them by one of
our skin experts, using a suite of advanced skincare brands and treatments.
Treatments available to be selected include:

IPL Skin Rejuvenation/
Medical & Cosmeceutical skin peels

Radiofrequency skin tightening

Radio-frequency skin tightening is an aesthetic technique that uses radio frequency energy to heat skin with the
purpose of stimulating cutaneous collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production in order to reduce the
appearance of fine lines and loose skin. It has an immediate effect on the skin but is best performed as a course of
treatments for optimal results

Full Face €175 (Single), €560 (Course of 4)

Neck & jaw Line €175 (Single), €560 (Course of 4)

Eye Tight €120 (Single), €384 (Course of 4)

IPL Hair Removal

Using our Lasertech Viora V20 technology we are able to perform successful hair removal with minimal client discomfort. This service, quickly and effectively eliminates hair from the body regardless of the folicle depth or how large / small the area is.
We offer a complimentary consultation to all clients considering this treatment. This takes 30 minutes and
includes a patch test (if suitable) . We request that no false tan / sun exposure (2 weeks) or retinols / AHAs (5
days) be used on the area you are considering treating in advance so we can carry out a patch test.


Course of 6 Bundles

Lip & Chin€330
Basic / Extended Bikini & Underarm €499
Hollywood / Brazilian & Underarm €649
Half leg , Underarm & Basic / Extended Bikini €749
Full leg , Underarm & basic/ extended bikini €879
Half leg, Hollywood/ Brazilian &Underarm €899
Full Leg, Hollywood / Brazilian & Underarm €1029

Per session | Course of 6

Full Face & Neck €160 |  €610

Extended Bikini Line €120 |  €504

Feet €50 | €210

Full Arms €180 | €756

Full Bikini €160 | €630

Full Leg €230 | €966

Lip €40 | €168

Abdomen €100 | €420

Neck €100 | €420

Nipples €60 | €252

Sides of Face €60 | €252

Underarms €90 | €375

Upper Leg €200 | €840

Basic Bikini €90 | €375

Buttocks €150 | €366

Chest €120 | €404

Chin €60 | €242

Full Face €100 | €420

Half thighs €100 | €420

Lower Arms €140 | €672

Lower Back €100 | €420

Lower Leg €180 | €756

Navel Line €60 | €252

Course of 6 Bundles

Lip & Chin €330

Face & Neck €610


Hands & Feet

File & Polish

20 mins | €20 

Mini Manicure

30 mins  | €30

Includes cuticle work and nail shape with a nail colour of choice

Simplicité Signature Manicure 

45 mins  |  €50

Includes cuticle work, nail shape, hand exfoliation, massage and a colour of choice.

Shellac Gel Polish Manicure

40 mins  |  €40

Includes cuticle work and nail shape with colour of choice

Fedua Gel Polish Manicure 

40 mins  |  €40

Includes cuticle work and nail shape with colour of choice

Shellac Gel Polish with detailed cuticle work

€50 mins | €50

Includes detailed cuticle work and nail shape with colour of choice.

Fedua Gel Polish with detailed cuticle work

€50 mins | €50

Includes detailed cuticle work and nail shape with colour of choice.

Gel Extensions

90 mins | €70

Gel Refills (up to 3 weeks)

90 mins | from €55

Gel Extensions Removal

30 mins | €25

Extensions Removal & Mini Mani

60 mins | €45

Mini Pedicure

30 mins  |  €30

Includes cuticle work, nail shape and paint of polish.

Simplicité Signature Pedicure

50 mins  |  €60

Full pedicure including soak, cuticle work, nail shape, exfoliation, dead skin removal, massage and paint of polish

Deluxe Signature Pedicure

75 mins  |  €75

Full pedicure including soak, cuticle work, nail shape, exfoliation, dead skin removal, heated booties, relaxing foot and leg massage, collagen socks and paint of polish

Men’s Pedicure

35 mins |   €45
Includes nail trim, cuticle work, exfoliation, hard skin removal and massage.

Shellac Gel Polish mini pedicure 

30 mins  |  €40

Includes cuticle work, nail shape, and colour of choice

Fedua Gel Polish mini pedicure 

30 mins  |  €40

Includes cuticle work, nail shape, and colour of choice


Add Gel Polish hands- €15

Add Gel Polish feet – €15

Gel Polish Removal Removal includes file/shape, cuticle tidy and protein treatment €15

French Polish – €5

Multi Colour French tips: €10

Structure/Gummi – €5

Extensions Nail Fix €5

Biab – €15

Ombre – €10


Brow Shape


Brow Tint


Brow Shape & Tint


Lash Tint


Brow Shape, Tint, and Eyelash Tint


Henna Brows


Hybrid Tint & Threading




Lip & Chin 


Full Face


Brow Threading


Lip Thread




Sides of Face & Jaw 




Perrin Rigot Waxing

Eye Brow – €18

Lip – €10

Chin – €15

Lip & Chin €22

Sides of Face – €15

Full Face – €45

Nasal – €12

Underarm €18

Forearm –  €20

Lower Back –  €30

Half Leg – €25

Full Leg – €45

3/4 leg – €35

*Add a half leg wax to any bikini for €20
*Add a full leg wax to any bikini for €30

Standard Bikini – a tidy up around the edges €20

Extended Bikini Line – a slightly tighter wax, more suitable for high cut underwear €25

G-String Bikini Line – a much tighter wax, hair from behind is also tidied €35

Brazilian – all hair underneath and behind is removed, a small area is left at the front €45

Hollywood – all hair is removed €50

Men’s Waxing

Chest – €40

Back – €50

Abdomen €35

Any 2 areas – €70

Nasal – €12

Ear – €12

*24 hour patch test required for tint and wax treatments


Classic full set – €100

Classic half set – €70

Classic Refills 2-3 weeks  €55

Classic Refills 3-4 weeks – €65

Volume Full Set – €120

Volume Half set – €90

Volume Refills 2-3 weeks – €65

Volume Refills 3-4 weeks – €75

Lash Lift &Tint – €65

Lash removal – €15

Lifts, lengthens and darkens natural lashes to their full potential. Lasts up to 8 weeks.
* Patch test required. Lash Lift not suitable during pregnancy.

Packages Available at Simplicite

Hot Stone Back Massage & Customised Facial 65 mins –  €85
The combination of Made For Life Organic Aromatherapy oils and Hot Stones will melt away tension and stress. The treatment begins with our Made for Life Hot Stone experience followed by our Organic Brightening Facial leaving you looking and feeling radiant.

Simplicité Signature Experience 90 mins – €150
This relaxation ritual includes a back exfoliation using our made for life lemongrass scrub, followed by a back massage using our restorative body balm. A de-stressing scalp massage is included while hot stones are applied to your back. A hydrating facial follows, and the treatment concludes with a luxurious foot massage which will send you into relaxation heaven.

Relax into Radiance 75 mins – €100
Relax your mind and body with this all-encompassing exfoliation massage that concludes with a skin brightening facial which cleanses and hydrates the skin and a head massage to clear and calm the mind.

Simplicite Etiquette

We respectfully request that our clients come alone into treatment rooms. We ask that you respect the relaxing atmosphere for other customers by switching off your phone.

Simplicite Policies


We operate a 24 hour cancellations. Cancellations within 24 hours will incur a 50% charge

No show to appointments will incur a 100% charge

We operate an appointment only policy.

Booking deposit required for all appointments.