Made For Life

Made for Life Organics is an award-winning, 100% certified organic skin and body care range that combining dermatological science with the strength and purity of botanicals. The formulations are created using the synergy of organic herbs and flowers and the products are made by hand in Cornwall. These eco, sustainable, organic products are suitable for all and the treatments are designed to create a new sense of wellbeing for the body mind and emotions. Combining effective 100% organic products and mindful, complimentary therapy techniques, our treatments create a balanced flow for the conscious and sub-conscious mind and body


Osmosis uses a holistic approach but is rooted in science as it is formulated by Doctor Ben Johnson. Osmosis is an internationally renowned skin care brand that is making huge headway in London using a non infl ammatory approach to treating the skin at the source. Osmosis uses a patented delivery system to enhance the penetration of active vitamins, minerals and amino acids to treat the skin at a cellular level unlike most brands.